Gadis Chenetto
Monday, January 9, 2012
Day 3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias

Nak sangat dance macam dorang tu .. hihi

      Hey guys ... sorry for late  update...well faham faham lah kalau dah jadi mangsa lepasan SPM ni... busy dengan kerja... Asal balik kerja je ta sempat pun nak online ... ugrhhhhhhh....
okey as a promise will make my challenge about kpop .... Oh ya i know i say wanna challenge my self 30 day right...but i think i will do just like 10 day .. maybe...hihihi...okey untuk day 3 ni..ummmm kpop guy bias....senangnya its ... *bunyi drum* 

YOSEOB from beast group :) hhihihi.. kenapa i like that person....coz .. he so so so so cute and eyra suka giler kalo sorang mamat tu dia muka ala ala jambu ... hihihi..* buat lelaki di dunia merasa jambu sila daftar diri yer * hihihi...

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